Welcome to the website of the Wiarda family association!

The Wiarda family goes back to before 1369 but based on written and documented sources the family keeps as starting year 1369.In that year, Feddeko D. Wiarda was ordered by the local court to release Ludolf Jarigsma and his men.

The family association was founded on May 23, 1965. You can also find more information about the association, the board and membership fees here on the site.

On the open part of this website you will find information about the history of our family from our ancestor Sjoerd Wiarda (1369) , also the history of the former “Wiarda State” (Goutum, Friesland) is described and the origin of the various family branches including the German branch. It also describes how a part of the family was admitted to nobility in Germany (Von Wiarda). The Wiarda family can be found in almost all continents. In addition to Europe, there are also branches with extensive Wiarda families in Australia and North America.

In the section of well-known Wiarda’s, a number of descriptions of distinguished Wiardas have been included that have held important social functions in history or that, more recently, have been important to our family association.

If you are a member of our association, you will receive our newsletter as a successor to the Dutch and German Wiarda Announcements magazine. The Newsletter will also include News from and of the English speaking Wiarda’s and you can find information about the meetings of the family association and various publications are included from Wiarda’s around the world.

You can also log in and find information about the entire family tree from 1369 and an overview of the current Wiarda’s and the archives of the association from 1965.